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Toddler Dinner Manners

April 26, 2019
how to teach toddlers how to behave at the dinner table

Are you in the middle of trying to teach your toddler good manners?  We are.  Every child is different and every family dinner rules are different but recently we have implemented a new rule for our pre-schooler that is going surprisingly well.  We eat dinner as a family of four every night.  It’s not relaxing and my husband and I definitely don’t get to enjoy our food the way we used to, but we have decided that having dinner as a family is important to us so we make sacrifices in order to teach that to our children.  My daughter is too young to learn all of the family dinner rules but my son is not and really it’s never too young to start showing your children what you expect.  See below for our recent manner’s chart and feel free to download it for yourself!

Download printable: Family Dinner Manners.

how to teach toddlers how to behave at the dinner table

Family Dinner Manners

Family Dinner Manners:

  1. Say please and thank you.
  2. Try everything on your plate (meaning each portion of food, they don’t have to eat every bite on their plate).
  3. Stay seated while you are eating.
  4. Ask to be excused.
  5. Clear your plate from the table

Completing all 5 of the above earns dessert!

That’s all folks!  It’s as easy as that and my son is learning what we expect from him at the dinner table!

What rules do you implement as a family?

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